TSF Luxury Cue Style 6


Style 6 is the cue at the bottom of the multi cue image.

The brief for these cues was simple enough; Create the best value for money cues for the average player at an affordable price. It sounds easy enough, but I wanted the woods to be real, and them to be genuinely hand spliced and (and this is where it gets tricky!) the shafts to be of the very best top quality stiff American Ash, the trouble is that everybody wants this! So I had to call in a few favours to get what I felt was needed to make the TSF cues the very best value for money cues available. For how long we will be able to achieve this is difficult to say, but for sure for now you can’t buy a better cue for the price anywhere in the world. ADR147

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Product Description

9.5mm Tip

One Piece


Additional Information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 59 x 2 x 2 in


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